Empowering you to start an online business to support your health after going through burnout, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue.

Take back control of your life and finances.

Get ready to feel your best so you can be your best and make money running a business you love, centered around your wellbeing.

Enjoy more confidence, liveliness and enthusiasm in all areas of life and business.

Meet Claudia Juliet

Hi, I’m Claudia,
As an empowerment and business coach, counselor and health and wellness activist, I offer a unique personalized and holistic/360° approach to making the transition from going through a chronic illness, like fibromyalgia, burnout, chronic fatigue, …  to starting your own business without burning out again. 
You may have tried following the regular systems, but they just don’t work for you.  I tried to do it the ‘normal’ way too, leaving me exhausted and losing motivation.  Here’s why: we’re simply not able or willing anymore to put in 40-60 hours a week, spending hours on social media and posting 3 times a day.  Good news: you don’t have to, there’s a better way.  I found it and I teach it.
Are you ready to step up from your challenges, the uncertain times in health, life and finances, being dependent on a government pay, a partner or hoping your employer will take you back? 
Are you interested to take back control of your  life and paycheck with an online business that supports you?      

Want to reduce your stress and fear?

Grab my free guide and create your stress and fear buster plan.

How can I help you?

All sessions are online through Zoom calls. One on one intensive in South of Spain is on hold now due to Covid-19.

Rise Up Strong Academy

Rise Up Strong Academy

Start your online business, work from home and take back control of your paycheck and life.  I offer a unique personalized and holistic/360° approach.  Start over and make the transition from job or unemployment to starting your own business or running the business you love during the first stages of growth without burning out (again). 

To support your financial, business, mental and physical well being during this crisis, I’ve opened up my Rise Up Strong Academy for everyone to join at a Corona special price:

JOIN NOW FOR 97€/month

Top tip: join the Rise Up Strong 5-day challenge and grab the CHALLENGERS PROMOTION!

1 month trainings, support, community, group coaching calls, everything you need to learn how to start your online business and Rise Up Strong from these challenging times!

Private Coaching

Move forward in life and business without burning out

As an online entrepreneur, you are your businessYou need your mind and body running an A-game.

Improve confidence, expand your comfort zone, dare to be visible, set boundaries and communicate them guilt-free.  Stop self-sabotage and find freedom from blocks and unhelpful thoughts.  FEEL your best so you can BE your best.

Stress, energy and time management.

A need for clarity, support, go for a new goal or career, start your online business.

On demand support when you need it or in times of crisis.


Stop the past and past pain from running your life today.

Emotionally detach from past trauma, stress, fear and other unhelpful responses, even if you don’t know or remember why you respond this way.

Do you find unhelpful feelings, emotions and behavior being triggered over and over again? 

Find relief, calm, clarity and happiness as you release from the traumatic experience and it’s unhelpful reactions.

Open up free space for positive feelings, joy, happiness, confidence, clarity and feel empowered.

Join us in the Rise Up Strong 5-day Challenge group

A community for brave people looking to take back control of their life and paycheck and start their online business.

With only a laptop, internet and the knowledge and experience you already have.
5 simple steps to launch a business today in these uncertain times, even if you think you’re not smart, tech savvy, healthy, young or skilled enough.

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