My name is Claudia and I am a Happiness and Empowerment coach, on a mission to empower women like you design a life around your needs, sensitivity, health, balance, happiness and core desires (instead of a life fueled by fear, overwhelm, self-sabotage and pleasing).

My belief: when women learn to ignite their core fire, build confidence, work on the relationship with themselves (and others) and trust their inner Leader/intuition/voice, anything is possible!

I’m so proud to be your guide, teacher and coach on this amazing and exciting journey and share my knowledge with you.

I offer powerful coaching and programs for women ready to uplevel and claim their happiness and power by owning their higher sensitivity as a power.



Want to get through the holidays happy, calm and filling your cup as a (highly) sensitive woman?

I can’t thank Claudia enough for the support and strategies that she gave me to help me when I was struggling with some difficult issues. I highly recommend Claudia if you need to put your life back together! Have you lost yourself? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you feeling stuck with an emotional issue? Please, please contact to Claudia. I feel like a whole weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I now have strategies that will help should I feel things are getting on top of me again. Claudia offers a very reliable, confidential and supportive service. Thank you for all your support. Best wishes Sharon xx

Sharon E.

How can I help you?

one on one

Sensitive One on one

Is there an area in your life that you'd like help with? What is keeping you where you're at?
What dreams or goals do you want to achieve? What issues are you struggling with? A personalized program designed for YOUR needs.

sensitive passionistas

Sensitive Passionistas

Design your life around your needs and desires as a (highly) sensitive, passionate woman. Uplevel your happiness, joy, intuition, confidence, health and bust fear, overwhelm, self-sabotage and pleasing.

Recovery Time

Recovery program for sensitive passionistas that have moved the needle too far for too long and are exhausted. You're heading towards, going through or are on the other side of burnout, fibromyalgia or this chronic mix of symptoms like fatigue, pain, brainfog, stress, overwhelm that drain your cup and your happiness.

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Sensitive Passionistas

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