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"The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself"
Diane Von Furstenburg
I’m Claudia.
I believe that no matter what the situation is now, no matter what it has been, no matter your age or circumstances, you can create the life you really want. It’s why I named my coaching Reinvent Your Life Coaching: to help you free yourself from your past, find out who you truly are today, what you want and take action to make it happen.
For me, that new life was about improving my health to a level I had a life again, free myself from the trauma in my past, move to another country and start my own business, helping people on their journey by sharing the experiences I learned on my journey. I did it, I helped other people do it, you can do it as well and I’m inviting you to ask yourself this question: 
What if it were possible for me too?
I’m here to help you, I have your back all the way, when doubt kicks in and the pull from the past is so strong, to celebrate your wins along the way, to motivate you and support you. And also to be firm and tell you the truth, hold a mirror and tell you when you’re messing up. The whole amazing mix so you can Reclaim and Reinvent your life.
How do I help you?
  • I create a safe space where you feel completely safe to share.
  • My coaching is holistic. Body, mind, self/soul/spirit, nutrition, environment, sleep is all interconnected and influencing each other.  When there’s balance, there’s flow and when there’s flow, there’s balance.
  • I help you from personal experience, the tools I learned and studied to make it happen for myself. And I never stop learning and sharing with you.
  • I like to keep things easy, work with babysteps to get results.
  • It’s a passion of mine to keep looking for the why and the how: why is it the way it is and how can it be changed to what is serving me?  How can i keep growing and improving?  
  • I believe in looking for the root causes instead of putting on band aids.   
How can I help you? 
Does this resonate with you or draw your attention? Or maybe you’re too stuck in the rat race, pushing through, thinking ‘it is what it is’ or ‘i’m fine’ but just overall not happy, that by reading this, you get a little aha or clarity?
  • Improve your energy
  • Reduce high stress
  • Empty the backpack with past trauma, trauma from narcissistic parent, partner or coworker or someone who always criticized you and put you down, low self-worth, feeling of not good enough, not capable enough, I can’t /shouldn’t because xyz, putting other people’s needs before your own, not able to say no to others and yes to yourself, people pleasing, perfectionism, struggling with expressing your emotions or opinions, struggling with choosing you or what you really want, not knowing what you really want, except for ‘not this’, freezing or drawing a blank when put on the spot , especially when asked ‘what do you want?’
  • Fear, anxiety, worry, anger, frustration, non stop thinking about past or future, loop thoughts
  • Body pain, fatigue, low energy, brain fog, trouble focusing
  • Sleep: no deep sleep, waking up tired/unrested, waking up during the night, trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Fibromyalgia, burnout, chronic stress or this vague mix of symptoms that’s slowly getting worse
  • Time and deciding on your time: fully packed schedule, probably serving others first, responsive to other people’s schedules, no time for self-care or hobbies
  • Get clarity on what happened, stop the blame and anger, move into a space of clarity, relaxation, inner peace, freedom
My strength is that I lived most of my life with the above symptoms and I reduced them to a level where I’m in control of my life. And I keep working on improving every day. Because that’s my big goal: keep improving and growing on all levels.
I’ve emptied a huge part of the backpack and reduced my symptoms, I come from a place of total mental and physical exhaustion, where it would take me 3 hours to get out of bed, go to the toilet, go to the kitchen, force myself to eat breakfast and that would be it for the day. After a lot more rest I could take a shower, more rest to be able to have some lunch and an afternoon of sleep to get me to have dinner and watch a bit of tv. 24/7 of total exhaustion, dragging myself through the days. Still not able to stop people pleasing and pushing through every day. Drowning in anxiety, fear and the influences of my backpack, a life with burnout, fibromyalgia, chronic stress and PTSD. It wasn’t a life, it was survival.
I’ve come a long way and I want to be an inspiration for you. Look at me now, single again, walking, having energy, happy, passionate, excited about my days, fulfilled at the end of the week, relaxed and in balance with my true self, in another country and coaching people on reclaiming and reinventing their life as well. And I like to be real and keep it real. Am I like that every day? No.  Here you have it, first truth bomb. Life happens and life will keep happening. There’s the ups and the downs, the reminders, the challenges, the experiences. But I apply the tools in my life and teach you the tools to deal with it, to reduce the impact it has and to recover easier. Along the way you’ll notice that a lot of the triggers no longer trigger. Or I’ll be there to remind you. Because the journey is about babysteps and a lot of the times you need an outside view to help you see the babysteps you took and the huge progress you made. 
It can be hard, you kinda want the miracle cure in 4 weeks or less, right. To then keep doing exactly what you did before. 
It’s there that we have a lot of work to do, the inner and outer healing comes from change, change in mindset, behaviour and so many other areas, big and small things that will pop up along the way. 
Don’t be scared, it’s an amazing and exciting journey. It’s such a wonderful feeling to create this free space in yourself and your life and fill it up with great stuff.
Interested to know more? Let’s have a chat, no strings attached, a free video call through Skype or Zoom. Or in real life if you live here in the South of Spain, Costa Blanca. Does this feel too scary, feel free to send me an email at info@reinventyourlifecoaching.com.
What do you want more than anything? It can be small, big and anything in between. Maybe this will inspire you on getting closer to finding what you want or what’s missing in your life:
It can be about finally having time for you to have a cup of tea, or time to meet up for coffee with a friend, go horseback riding or learn how to, do what you want for a change without being disturbed.
Make a decision on that job that’s not really it, anymore. Or getting out or over a relationship, starting this new life single or opening up to love again. And dealing with those beliefs and experiences you’ve accumulated over the year. Maybe move to a new house, a new country.
How are your thoughts? Are there thoughts, beliefs, habits holding you back? And are you done with that but you can’t seem to shake them on your own?


You want to start or are starting out your (online) business, selling services or products, in an MLM system or solopreneur or you’ve been trying this as a side hustle and want to turn it into your main business or you’ve been in business a couple of years and you want to grow.

But somehow you keep experiencing resistance, hitting ceilings you just can’t seem to get through. Are you ready to uplevel, to dive in and let go of that resistance to finally thrive?

Are you experiencing pain and fatigue, is your body holding you back from doing the things you love, spending time with your family, friends, having a career or a social life? Is this mix of symptoms something you’d like help with? Because the symptoms can be reduced significantly. I did it. I got my burnout, chronic stress and fibromyalgia symptoms under control. So can you.
I believe that anything is possible. (be real though, this is not about making you 20 and brand new again but a lot is possible, more than you probably think now). You don’t know what you don’t know. So ask help from someone who’s been there, done that and is teaching it now.
I’d love to have a video chat with you and talk about what you’re struggling with and how I can help you. 
Click here to schedule a free 30 minute Discovery call: https://calendly.com/reinvent-your-life-coaching/reinvent-your-life-coaching-30min
Or send me a mail at info@reinventyourlifecoaching.com
I welcome you here on my website www.reinventyourlifecoaching.com, on my Facebook page  or on a chat through Messenger to see what you could use help with. 
I aim to help and inspire and share my nuggets of wisdom. 
With love for life and health,
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