"The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself"

Diane Von Furstenburg

About me:

My name is Claudia and as a Happiness and Empowerment coach, I’m on a mission to empower women like you to design a life around your needs, sensitivity, health, happiness and core desires (instead of a life fueled by fear, overwhelm, self-sabotage and pleasing).

My belief: when women learn to ignite their core fire, build confidence, work on the relationship with themselves (and others) and trust their inner Leader/intuition/voice, anything is possible!  

I’m so proud to be your guide, teacher and coach on this amazing and exciting journey and share my knowledge with you.

I offer powerful coaching and programs for women ready to uplevel and claim their happiness by owning their higher sensitivity as a positive power.


Are you ready to:

  • Discover your unique nature as a (highly) sensitive passionate woman, learn how to nourish yourself, protect your energy and create a life around you and your needs and desires first.  Because when your cup is full, you feel your best so you can be your best.
  • Bust fear, anxiety, worry, anger, frustration and high stress.
  • Stop pushing the needle too far and putting your needs and desires last, emptying your cup and draining your energy, leaving you unhappy, empty, with body pain, stress, fatigue, low energy, brain fog, trouble focusing, sleep issues and all that comes with ignoring yourself for too long.  Instead step into your power, balance and happiness.
  • Learn how to decide on your time and throw that crazy fully packed schedule and never ending to do list out, stop serving others first, stop living responsive to other people’s schedules, have no time for you, self-care or hobbies.  And instead create a schedule around and for you, with respect for balance, self-care and filling your cup on a daily basis.
  • Learn how to be confident, know what you want and how to communicate it in a way people will understand, improve the relationship with yourself and others, like your partner, friends.
  • Get clarity on what’s holding you back and move into a space of clarity, relaxation, inner peace, freedom and happiness and go for your dreams.

My story:

I’ve come a long way myself.  Ever since I was a little girl, people told me I was too sensitive, I wasn’t or couldn’t be hurting, especially not to that degree, I was too emotional, talking about feelings and asking all these deep questions was a big no-no, I was too serious, I should stop crying, people are not yelling at you, just speaking a little bit louder, I should stop exaggerating, I should stop dreaming and have these weird ideas, I wasn’t cold, I should toughen up and smile and be a good girl. 
I was creative, a writer, a designer, out of the box thinking and processing 20 scenarios and 15 steps ahead in no time was so normal for me, I had an amazing fantasy, I liked inventing things, fixing things, figuring out the how and the why, wanting to know the deeper layers.
I was also full of stress, fear, overwhelm and tension, had irritated bowel and stomach (but people told me I didn’t), my immunity was so low and I caught every bug in a 10 mile radius.  It was the 70s and 80s and there was no such thing as a coach or a special teacher to talk to, if I had dared to anyway.  My diary was my place to vent and the encyclopedia my Google.
And so the years went by and I kept going totally overboard on high stress and fear, people pleasing and putting their needs before my own, unable to say no to others and yes to myself, pushing the real me deep down (but she kept coming out) and trying to fit it (but I couldn’t), be like everyone else (why would I want that?) and feeling more and more empty, stressed out, tired and unhappy.

I slowly kept emptying my cup more and more, couldn’t stop the energy drains as I had no idea that was even a thing and as it had become my habit, my survival method, I blocked the undesirable and kept going, no time to think about that, instead lot’s of time worrying and planning and just pushing through, hoping the weekend, a good night’s sleep or a holiday would get me back on track.

And it did for a while (no it didn’t, but it recharged me just enough to get back on the hamster wheel), or should I say, it did for years … until it didn’t anymore and after 41 years of being ‘a good girl’, I finally crashed and got a diagnosis of burnout and fibromyalgia.

I found a way to heal myself, my past, my blocks, thoughts, beliefs and habits, nourished myself and finally started putting me, my needs as a (highly) sensitive person first and laid the foundations for the holistic approach I teach in my coaching.

How do I help you:

  • I create a safe space where you feel completely free to share.
  • My coaching is holistic. Body, mind, self/soul/spirit, nutrition, environment, sleep is all interconnected and influencing each other.  When there’s balance, there’s flow to tap into your intuition, ignite your fire and activate happiness.
  • I help you from personal experience, the tools I learned and studied to make it happen for myself. And I love learning and sharing with you.
  • I like to keep things easy, work with babysteps to get results.
  • It’s a passion of mine to keep looking for the why and the how: why is it the way it is and how can it be changed to what is serving me?  How can I keep growing and improving?
  • I believe in looking for the root causes instead of putting on band aids.

Interested to get started?

Book a free 30 minute Discovery call  here: https://calendly.com/reinvent-your-life-coaching/sensitive-passionista-discovery-call-30min.  During this call, we can talk about what you need help with, what you want exactly and how I can help you.  We meet for this free video call through Zoom.  For any questions,  send me an email at info@reinventyourlifecoaching.com.
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