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I’ve come a long way and it all started that one early morning in February 2016, at the end of a long winter in horrible fibromyalgia pain and exhaustion that I decided: this has got to change, I refuse to accept that this is it!

My first decision was to get out of that cold, humid Belgian winter climate and go to Spain for three weeks.  The second day I was in Spain, the pieces fell in place. And I made my second decision: I’m moving to Spain!

Within 6 months, I did it, starting over and reinventing my life.

I found a way to get my health back and took my third decision: I’m taking back control of my paycheck too, so I started my coaching business.  Working from home, on my own time and terms, in my yoga pants if I choose so, go for a walk or take a break when I need it and no longer working in corporate building someone else’s dream.

So here I am!  As an empowerment and business coach, counselor and health and wellness activist, I offer a unique personalized and holistic/360° approach to helping brave souls make the transition from job, unemployment or sick leave/pay to starting your online business and moving the business you love to the next levels during the first stages of growth, without burning out (again).  

I know where you’re at, I’ve been there myself.  My life path has been a bumpy road with many challenging times: financial setbacks, work, health, mindset, blocks and past painful experiences holding me back.  Yet I found a way to reinvent myself and take back control.  It’s time for you to take back control too, even if you think you’re not smart, healthy, young or skilled enough, when you think you can’t, shouldn’t or your environment doesn’t support you.  I get it because I’ve been there. Yet here I am, writing this from sunny Spain, I wake up well-rested,  excited about my day and love what I do.  

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