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Who am I and what's my story?

Meet Claudia Juliet

Hi, I’m Claudia,

I’m a Belgian expat living in the South of Spain.  I worked hard and stressed hard, I put everyone else’s needs before my own, and year after year, I sacrificed my health and wellbeing to get the job done, be the perfect daughter, partner, employee, and friend.  I pushed through into burnout and fibromyalgia, and still I was pushing through.  

Until one day, after another long cold and humid winter, full of pain and exhaustion, with a cup that was beyond empty, borrowing from tomorrow every day, I decided to start taking care of me first

No matter how hard I tried, I could hardly say no, set and hold boundaries, get the money, health, wellbeing, relationship, job, or promotion.  I was taken advantage of, including financially, because when they pushed the right buttons of ‘should’, ‘guilt’, ‘shame’ and ‘fear’, I couldn’t say no and they got their way.  I was the nice one, the friendly one, the good girl, at the expense of my well-being and health.  I struggled for years to get a business set up and get clients and money coming in.  No matter what I tried, how hard I worked, or how many hours and strategies I put in, the results hardly came or came and something happened to take it away.  

What else could I DO?

I ended up with burnout, like so many of you, hardly allowed myself time to heal because there were so many ‘shoulds’, everyone was pushing me to go back to work, stop whining and be normal again, and I pushed through until I crashed with diagnosis fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue. I’m truly grateful for the experience, it was hell to go through, but it finally got me closer to putting myself first.  For some of us, it has to get really really bad, to finally snap out of the habits, beliefs, and ‘shoulds’.  I suffered through three long winters, at some point, it took me 3 hours just to get up and have breakfast.  

The flipping point came at the end of the third long winter in exhaustion and pain.  I could not see myself repeating this anymore, I could not see myself going through another winter, not for 1 year, not for 5 years, not for the rest of my life, because that’s what they were telling me: to accept that this was it.  So I made a brave decision: I would get my health back, no matter what.  And I did. 

And then I tried to start my online business, but the old patterns were just repeating themselves again.  Struggle, pushing through, trying all the strategies and programs, putting in the time and effort, and like so many others in all those business programs, no results, just overwhelm and chaos and pieces of work here and there, getting you to the point of quitting, only to be told you were not putting in the time and work.  I’m no quitter, I was willing to do it all, but it just didn’t feel right.  I did learn something from my illness, and I was no longer willing to go back to that crazy stressed out life from before crashing. 

What else could I DO?  

Nothing changed until I stopped working on the DOing and started working on the BEing. 

It had never been about doing more, but about being the healthy, thriving, motivated, getting-the-things-I-want version of me.  I started working from the inside out, challenged my beliefs, habits, stories, and all the other stuff I was carrying around.  No wonder I was so tired and overwhelmed, as all of that stuff depleted my energy, held me back before I even started.  I was putting in the efforts and at the same time sabotaging from the inside.

Transformation to a better life.  That’s what I did, that’s what I help you with.

Whether you’ve pushed the needle too far and ended up in burnout or fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue or you’re a driven person that’s doing everything right, but just not getting ahead in life or business, I’m here to help you create that life where you love your life, your body, your mind, your business, you wake up excited and well-rested and you love yourself.

Now I’m healthy, my health and well-being are a priority, I’m passionate about my online business that allows me to change people’s lives, based on what I learned through my journey.  I wake up well-rested and excited about my day, and I love my life, my business, my body, my energy, my mind, I love me and I take care of it all.

Because you take care of what you love, right.  If you’re not, if any area of your life can be better, take brave action now and book a call, or hire me.

Feel your best - Be your best - Create the life you deserve.

- Claudia Juliet -

Love running the business I love.


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