Happy start of the fall!


Fall = transformation. Use the fall season energy to take action on the change you want to achieve in your life. Uplevel your health, wellbeing, chronic illness and get started on your online business. Learn to say no and yes for a happier you.

Happy start of the fall!

Waking up again after a long hot summer.

Belgian seasons vs Spanish seasons

For me, fall and spring have always been the transformation seasons, whereas winter and summer are more about relaxing.  In summer, I’m always spending lots of time outdoors, enjoying the sun, and in winter, I loved going out for a brisk walk in the crisp Belgian winter air or cocooning next to the heating, just hibernating, with a book or a movie marathon. 

Since moving to Spain, the seasons are not that outspoken anymore, as almost every day is a sunny day,  The hibernation state I knew in winter is now happening in summer, and I found myself going into standby mode as the temperatures went over 30 degrees. 

So at the end of a long hot summer, the temperatures are now dropping a bit and I can feel the creative energy growing again.  And with the start of fall, the transformation energy bubbling is bubbling. 

Are you ready for a new season?

This afternoon at 3:31 pm Madrid time the astronomical autumn begins.  Exciting times ahead.

Can you feel it calling in the air?  (does the song by Phil Collins come to mind?).  Are you seeing it in nature, with the leaves changing color?  

Do you feel it in yourself, excited about the new season, 3 new months full of potential? 

What are you going to do with these 3 months? 

Is it going to be just another season, with you going through the motions?  I truly hope not.

Three months, that’s 90 days to get started and moving forward on a new project.  

In what area of your life would you like to see change?  Health, finances, freedom, job, happiness, communication, confidence, being able to say no, do more of what you want?

Let’s take advantage of this beautiful 1st day of fall to go for what you want!

What transformation are you looking for?

Let’s start with the number one question: what do you want?

I know, for all of you people-pleasers and very caring people, that’s a tough one to answer, as everyone else’s needs come first, you take care of your family, you’re the great parent and partner, friend and co-worker.  

So let’s make it easier with these two questions:

  • what would you like to be able to say NO to?
  • what would you like to say YES to?

Now let it simmer.  

Let it grow.

Let the joy bubble up on you finally being able to do it.

Interested to make it happen before winter?   I’m running Decision Time again, the program to figure out what you want and how to get it, in a fun, easy step-by-step process to get results fast. 
Want to know more?  DM, text or email me or click here and let’s chat.

Ciao, Claudia x


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