My fibromyalgia story

None of us got a diagnosis at birth so like you, I’ve come a long way.  Ever since I was a little girl, my knees, elbows, wrists and muscles would be hurting at the slightest activity and long afterwards.  But it was the 70s and 80s and nobody had even heard of fibromyalgia.  I also caught every bug in a 10 mile radius, so I got prescribed lots of antibiotics and over time I added supplements to try and boost my immunity and energy
At age 12, I got through my first skying vacation on over the counter pain meds from my friends.  As I grew older, the pain stayed in the background, something annoying that was always there and made life harder.  Complaining was not an option, if it’s not broken or bleeding, it’s not real.  So I kept making the best of it, even after my first car accident that probably really set off fibromyalgia.
As the years went by, my symptoms got worse and I would take pain medication that hardly helped, try different anti depressants that would only make me feel worse, try whatever treatment I could think of, paid the often expensive costs and only get a bit of relief for a few hours.  And like you, I pushed through.  Good girls, even if they’re already women, don’t complain and keep going, especially if even doctors keep dismissing your symptoms as just stress or depression. 
I started waking up more and more during the night and waking up tired.  At first a good night’s sleep, with a sleep aid, would do the trick, it recharged me just enough to get back on the hamster wheel.  This turned into a weekend of catching up on sleep or a holiday to get me back on track, until I would just be exhausted 24/7 and dragging myself through the days, trying to find answers and a solution for the pain, overwhelm and fatigue. 
Getting up and getting to work made me feel like I had been working for 72 hours non stop, but bills needed to be paid and doctors weren’t coming up with any answers.  I just kept going, showed up to work and made the deadlines on high stress and fueling up on coffee and snacks.  

I managed to keep up for years until I finally crashed and got a diagnosis: fibromyalgia.

It was a great day, I finally got an expert to confirm there was a name for what I had, I was right!  I hadn’t been exaggerating all those years.  Great, now let’s get to the cure and the solution part…  But there was no cure, there was the option to take meds or not, accept it and get on with my life.  

Even in my exhausted state, I couldn’t believe that this was it.  But researching the incurable when you’re hardly functioning is no picnic. 
And diagnosis or not, life went on, food needed to be put on the table, laundry wasn’t doing itself, people were still expecting me to be part of life, show up to family and social events with hair and make-up done and in a trendy package.  They would complain that I wasn’t excited and energetic enough, that I should just go out for a long walk or ride my bike for a couple of hours, get a good night’s sleep and I would be all better.  I tried explaining to friends and family what was going on inside me and like many of you, finally got fed up with repeating the same thing over and over to people who just don’t get it.   The way you look on the outside has nothing to do with the inside.  I kept cancelling appointments as I was hurting and exhausted and was dreading the flare up that would come after going there.  

Then towards the end of yet another long winter spent in excruciating pain and needing 3 hours just to get up and have breakfast, worse off then ever, I hit the lowest of the lowest, the turning pointExhausted to the core and fed up with being sick and tired, I could not see myself go through another winter like that.  Or 10 winters.  Omg!  I decided that this was unacceptable, this was not what I had signed up for. 

No more!  I decided that I wasn’t going to let anything or anyone keep me from getting my health back anymore!  I began to look for other and better answers, I researched, took trainings and step by step through trial and error started reclaiming my health, energy, body, confidence, in short, my life.

I found a way to heal myself, reduce my fibromyalgia symptoms and I developed the Fibro Success Habits.

Now I’m on a mission to help women worldwide wake up to their symptoms sooner, stop looking for a magic pill and instead make a brave decision to go for a different future.  I help them go through the healing journey faster so they can find hope, happiness, health and the life they deserve.  

Are you ready to learn your Fibro Success Habits


  • Wake up well rested, excited and energized.
  • Feel positive and hopeful.
  • Have a plan and know what to do (and what not).
  • Let go of the struggle and love your life!
  • Take care of your body and mind so you set yourself up for success tomorrow.
  • Reduce your pain, brainfog, overwhelm and fatigue so you can do more of what you love.
  • Develop healthy eating habits and nourish yourself from the inside so it shows on the outside.
  • Learn to set boundaries and communicate them with ease and become more confident and positive.
  • Learn that you are enough and deserve to be loved.

Copywright © 2020 Claudia Juliet De Voogt – Reinvent your life coaching  ¦  Privacy policy

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