Sensitive Passionistas program:

  • you are more sensitive than others, you feel and think deeper; smells, sounds, people, temperature, change and so much more triggers you or drains your energy and invites you to rest (but you don’t want to rest and rather push through, ‘I should be able to do that’),
  • you function at a heightened awareness (do you feel it as a challenge or power?),
  • life triggers you faster and you can become stressed out, upset, overwhelmed, get headaches and may want to get away, be alone and recharge (how amazing is it when you finally get to leave or when your head hits the pillow and the weight of the world is lifted),
  • you’re the worrier and care taker (you’re the one that brings water and snacks and an extra jacket),
  • you’ve been told over and over to stop overreacting, exaggerating, be so sensitive, tell such long stories and you’ve been (self) taught to be normal (whatever that may be) or be like everyone else (why would you want to anyway?),
  • you think or worry about many things, and have also been told “you take things too personally” (how could you not, you’re feeling what you’re feeling),
  • as a child, you were intuitive, creative, a dreamer, passionate, an adventurer, but you’ve built this protective shield around your true self and started behaving like everyone else.  Yet you can’t really shut the door completely on who you truly are; every so often, on a blue moon, she comes out and you try very hard to push her back into hiding (I feel you and I’ve done it for so many years),
  • you’re rocking your life, having it all on the outside like the amazing job, the great house, the loving family, the beautiful travel and restaurant pics on Facebook or Instagram, yet on the inside, you’re feeling off, unhappy, unfulfilled, you can’t really put your finger on it but it just doesn’t feel like this is it, you’re playing the part you’re supposed to like a ‘normal’ person, pleasing, going along with how it’s supposed to be, faking it till you make it (and it’s soooo boring) and slowly losing interest, joy, excitement, energy (been there, done that), 
  • you’re giving and over giving, feeling stressed, overwhelmed.  You try to do it all, be the perfect mom, cook the healthy foods, be the sexy, positive, supportive partner, the social friend, the perfect employee or entrepreneur, you put on a brave face, smile and push through, yet you’re exhausted and fed up with this life, this is not what you signed up for, right,
  • you suppress your essential needs, emotions, fears and ambitions (who am I to write a book, go for that promotion, stand up to your boss, defend your opinion or choice, put yourself first, start a business, be more visible, I can’t or shouldn’t because xyz, how can I do that when I’m a mess inside or so tired, I’m afraid my family or friends won’t like, love or want me anymore if I go for what I want and the list goes on forever),
  • you’re looking for a better life, you can’t imagine yourself doing this for another year (honey, you shouldn’t for another minute, believe me, you’re meant for more!),
  • when you have pushed the needle too far for too long, there’s the stage where you ended up in burnout, fibromyalgia or some other chronic issue around fatigue/exhaustion, pain, brainfog, (I did)
  • you’re at the other side of that experience, unsure and scared how to avoid it from flaring up again (you never ever want to go back to that place but you feel it lurking in the shadows) and you wonder how to move on in this new body and stage of your life,
  • any mix of the above, you’re done doing it on your own, you just want someone who gets you (like me) to have your back and help you through your stuff and find happiness, calm, joy, freedom.

Whatever place you’re at, I’m here for you and I get you. 

Who am I? 

My name is Claudia and I am a Happiness and Success coach, on a mission to empower women like you to claim a life that’s designed around YOU: your needs, sensitivity, health, time, balance, happiness, dreams; passions and core desires (instead of a life fueled by fear, overwhelm, self-sabotage and pleasing)!

My belief: when women learn to ignite their core fire and trust their inner Leader / intuition / voice, anything is possible!  

I’m so proud to be your guide, teacher and coach on this amazing and exciting journey.

I teach you from my toolbox of powerful techniques, trainings, my own learning and experience as a people pleaser, stressed out Duracell rabbit, trying to do it all to a level of perfection you probably recognize, emptying my cup more and more and unable to stop the energy leaks until I finally crashed (best day of my life) and got a diagnosis of burnout and then fibromyalgia and discovered my sensitive (or even hsp) nature along the way.  

It felt like hell but it was what I needed and now, on the other side, I’m so grateful for the experience and so happy to reconnect with the real me (she’s been so lonely for so long) and now really rocking it, in my own unique way and loving life.  

My healing and growth method got me back to health, joy, happiness and build the confidence to switch gears and career and go for my big dream, where I get to share my knowledge and help you create a better life too.

I offer powerful coaching and programs for women ready to step into a life and lifestyle aligned with their soul desires, fueled by passion so they can thrive in health, life and business. We also work on improving the relationship with yourself (super important) and others like partner, family, friends and coworkers.

The Vision of the Happy, healthy, free community for Sensitive Passionistas: 💖




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Imagine this new version of you:

  • being happy, healthy and passionate about life
  • living from a place of inner strength
  • being highly sensitive and accepting it as part of who you are, 
  • access your intuition with ease by owning your high sensitivity
  • having learnt how to use your high sensitivity as strength, power
  • able to set boundaries and hold them, guilt free
  • be confident and know what to do to nourish and protect yourself, no matter what happens
  • you thrive as you’ve created a new lifestyle perfect for your unique design
  • you busted fear and kicked overwhelm, insecurity and procrastination out the door
  • you improved your relationship with yourself and others and know how to communicate so you both get what you need
  • you know who you are and what you want and you’re going for the dream: write a book, start a business, go for that promotion, travel
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