Recovery time

Testing the field as a new HSP

What does it feel like to be an HSP? What’s it like not to fit in.

What do you do when you just discover there’s a name for all your weirdness?  

A story of hope.

What does it feel like to be an HSP? What’s it like not to fit in, not to live up to everyone’s standards, be different in your thinking, feeling, emotions, not to be able to perform and be active as many hours as the others and trying so hard to fit in?

Let’s start at the beginning:

You were not good enough

You came into this world, a beautiful bundle of joy.  You were perfect… and then you weren’t. Your parents and family expected a normal and well functioning child that would make them proud and they got … well, an alien.  To use the Tarzan story: the monkey tribe got a hairless white human. And there was no manual, no course, no class, no support group and no internet to help them raise and understand you.

What you’ve been taught ever since you were a child is this: we don’t get you, you’re different and You are not good enough.  You, an amazing beautiful person with this deep inner world is not fitting the standard and must be edited to fit the mold. They didn’t mean to hurt you, they really did it out of love to give you the best future possible, according to their knowledge.  (and that’s where the shoe pinches)

So you’ve been told every day for years, that your behaviour is unwanted, you’ve been discovering, experiencing and finally started believing that this version of you is flawed.  There is something wrong with your design and you should fix it as soon as possible. (so we can love and accept you)

Reduce and dim the laughs and abundant joy, because it’s too weird.

Stop being so happy and smelling flowers.

Shut up and be beautiful.

Stop voicing those weird ideas, people are going to think you’re crazy.

Stop crying, you are not hurting.

Stop looking at the clouds, there’s nothing there.

Stop being so serious.

Stop hiding in your room and be more social.

Don’t be so shy and timid, people are not going to bite you.

Stop being so serious, stop asking those deep questions.

And the list goes on…


It’s a hard lesson to learn.  

It’s a hard lesson to learn but you keep training to become that other person people want to see and will like.  And that’s when the like-campaign is born, often turning into people pleasing and all that comes with it. You hide those amazing parts of you more and more, push them down and cover them up, play the role of the desired and lovable one.  How many times have you been told you’ll never find a good husband if you keep acting like that?

Many women are told they should fit the mold physically, be thin and sporty, not be fat.  But sensitive people are told they should even change their whole persona to get a partner, a job, be a good parent.  

How do you stop playing a character in a tv show and start being all of you?

At some point, you discovered there’s such a thing as HSP: a highly sensitive person.  You may have been reading up on it or this may be your first stop. Either way, welcome and I’m glad you’re here.

Let’s start by saying: you are amazing just the way you are, even if you can’t see, feel or believe it yet.  I want to ignite this little spark of hope you may have inside you that you too can have and totally deserve a happy, healthy, free life where you can let go of that stress, unwanted feelings and beliefs that are no longer serving you.  This is what I want to bring into your life. To wake you up to you!

That’s how you stop playing a character and be all of you: start believing you can.  I know it, I’ve gone through the process myself and I can tell you from the other side, the sun is shining brightly here, the grass is green, the flowers are blooming and life looks and feels great.

Curious to know more?  

Here are some options, to meet you at the comfort level you’re at today:

  • keep browsing the website, read some more blogs or check out the other pages in the menu
  • check out my Facebook page here, like the posts or like the page, to view my posts in your newsfeed
  • join my free Facebook group Sensitive Passionistas here, where we get to know each other, share, have fun and be in a community of like minded women that support each other.  It’s a positive community, there’s room to vent but this is not your typical support group where you go to complain. It’s about lifting you up, giving you energy and going for more happiness.  You’ll find more information, posts and videos in there and get first invitations to trainings, webinars, challenges etc. A safe place to visit and be understood.

if you’d like to hop on a call to see how I can help you, click here to book a free 30 minute call.  Clients tell me that they feel lighter and happier already.

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